Our Preschools: English Nursery & Primary School


Bonne International also recruits Teachers and Teacher’s Assistants for the English Nursery & Primary School in Moscow.

Bonne International prides itself on being not just a Recruitment Agency, but the core of a group of organizations specializing on children’s bilingual development.

Bonne International founded 6 English Nursery and Primary Schools (ENS) in Moscow over the last 15 years. Our schools operate at a very high standard, employ English Mother Tongue Teachers with a Teacher:student ratio of 1:6 and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage of the British Curriculum. As both the Agency and schools operate under the same umbrella, they work hand in hand in many ways:

— During our first meeting with parents, we can advise them on what their child would be better suited to; an English school or a childcare professional working with them at home, or both. Between an expert team of Child Psychologist, Classroom Teacher and Speech Therapist that work in each of our schools, and our 15 year experience of working with bilingual children we can effectively evaluate the needs of each child. We implement an educational plan that suits each individual family. Bonne International and ENS often work together to achieve fantastic results, such as a child attending our school and also working with an English Nanny or Governess at home.

— If you notice a problem with the child you are working with, at the parents’ request an ENS Child Psychologist and Speech Therapist can provide a consultation after spending some time with the child, work with them and give the parents recommendations, either on a regular basis or as a one-off.

— As the schools follow the British Curriculum, you will never be stuck for ideas about educational materials and lesson plans when it comes to working with your charge. You can also spend a few days in one of the schools as training if you need guidance about ESL for children.

— ENS is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet other expat childcare professionals in Moscow. ENS alone employs approximately 20 expats Teachers who you can meet easily, and there are many more Nannies and Governesses here through Bonne International.

Please see our brochure (pdf):

ENS Brochure