Nanny Salaries and Wages in London and Moscow

5 reasons to get international nanny jobs and governess placements in Moscow:

  1. High nanny salary and low living costs
  2. A job in a European city
  3. Support from us in London and Moscow
  4. Travel and get a cultural experience
  5. Great saving opportunity!

Why are Nanny Wages so High?

If Los Angeles is the City of Angels, then Moscow is the City of Millionaires. With more millionaires per square metre than any other city in the world, it is little wonder that English nannies are becoming so popular to care for the future generation of Russia’s rich and famous, and that English nanny salaries are so high in the country.

Parents looking for an English nanny or governess know the price of a bilingual 4-year-old with good manners and etiquette, and are prepared to pay a high nanny salary for it. They want their children to grow up bilingual, or even trilingual (Chinese is becoming very popular as a third language), be well versed in English literature, understand the Western culture and way of life and transfer easily to an English education system.

For this you are offered high nanny pay rates, accommodation, visa and flight, and a job in a European city. Sound tempting? We think so.

How do living costs compare?

Income London Moscow
Salary – live out £400 pw £1000 pw
Expenses London Moscow
Rent – studio flat £150 £0
Travel to and from work £4 x 5 days = £20 £0
Entertainment £60 £50
Food £50 £50
Bills – elec., water £20 £0
Savings London Moscow
Savings per week £100 £900
Savings per month £400 £3,600
Savings per year £4,800 £43,200 (9 times more than in London!)