The Play

Moscow - the play

Whether you’re looking to explore Moscow’s historical centre, boast that you’ve visited the Bolshoi, party like a Russian or just wonder around exploring, there is something for everyone; day or night (after all, Moscow is unofficially known as ‘The City That Never Sleeps’), and for every taste and pocket. But then again, who can put a price on ice skating in the Red Square or cycling along the embankment to ‘follow the Moskva, down to Gorky Park?’.

Moscow is embracing its increasing number of expats, and offers excursions in the city and bus tours in English, some even in traditional Russian costume.

There are a few websites and Facebook groups dedicated to expats in Moscow, you can easily find out where people are getting together, there is always something going on! Everyone is in the same boat and eager to make friends in a new city.

If you are not from Europe, Moscow is only a 3½ hour flight away from London, so a great base for traveling.

Life in Moscow - the playLife in Moscow - the playLife in Moscow - the playLife in Moscow - the playLife in Moscow - the playLife in Moscow - the play

There are plenty of seasonal activities: ice skating, sledding, cross country skiing (better than any gym session!) in winter and roller skating, cycling (both available to rent in parks), sunbathing on river beaches in summer.

If you prefer indoor sports, there are plenty of sports centers to go to – from modest gyms to all inclusive ones with a pool, sauna, beauty salon etc.

Moscow has plenty of big shopping malls with many of the shops that you would find back home, but shopaholics beware – prices can be more expensive than what you would pay at home so don’t get your hopes up about renewing your wardrobe in Moscow. Many of the malls also have bowling alleys, ice rinks and of course an abundance of restaurants and bars.