Why Choose Bonne

Why choose Bonne

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10 reasons to choose Bonne International for your next childcare job:

1.  We work exclusively with Russia. We specialize in placing English Mother Tongue Nannies and Governesses in VIP families in Russia and former CIS countries. We have offices in London and Moscow and all our staff speak English and Russian.

2.  We have 15 years experience. We were the first English Nanny Agency to open in Moscow, consider ourselves pioneers in the field and remain very well established in the Russian childcare market.

3.  Bonne International is not just a Nanny Agency. We are the core of a group of organizations specializing on children’s bilingual development. Our Agency founded 6 of our very own English Nursery and Primary Schools (ENS) in Moscow over the last 15 years. As both the Agency and schools operate under the same umbrella, they work hand in hand in many ways. ENS staff include Child Psychologists, Speech Therapists and Educational Advisors who you can consult with at any time.

4.  We are there for you in Moscow, before and after you are placed. We provide 24 hour emergency assistance, help with settling into your new home, everyday things like using public transport and opening a bank account which are a part of our Post Placement Support Programme provided by our English and Russian speaking staff for the whole duration of your placement. As most of our team is in Russia, we have the opportunity to help you settle into life abroad easily.

5.  All our placements are accompanied by psychological support. A very important part of our interviewing process is a custom made online psychological test that was developed by a group of psychologists in London and Moscow for us who specialize in psychological diagnostics. The test was tailor made to our needs of employing English Mother Tongue childcare and teaching professionals to work in Russian families and shows important factors about each candidate’s psychological profile.

6.  We work differently and value detail and precision. After your online registration, online psychological test and interview with a recruitment consultant, you will be interviewed by our psychologist so that our impression of you and your capabilities are detailed and precise. This is all part of our Psychological Compatibility Programme between our candidates and families. As you already know, working in a family is very much like a marriage; you need to be compatible for it to work. We assess this level of compatibility before placing you.

7.  You meet the family in their home before you start a job. Once we present you to a suitable family and they accept your application, providing that you are based in Europe, you will most likely be called out for an interview in Moscow for a few days. During this time we will assist you with everything, and our team in Moscow will do their utmost to make sure your interview goes smoothly.

8.  We provide you with visa support. We will walk you through the whole process, making it convenient and easy for you to get a legal work permit. You have enough to worry about without this.

9.  Help with educational materials, plans, curriculum and general guidance. Through our schools and experience, we can assist you in ordering educational materials, books, compiling daily and weekly plans for work with your charge, guidance on curriculum and teaching ESL to children.

10.  We have 15 years experience of working with bilingual children and evaluate the needs of each child individually. When we meet with parents, we can advise them on what their child would be better suited to; an English school or a childcare professional working with them at home, or both. Between an expert team of Child Psychologist, Classroom Teacher and Speech Therapist that work in each of our schools, and our 15 year experience of working with bilingual children we can effectively evaluate the needs of each child. We implement an educational plan that suits each individual family. Bonne International and ENS often work together to achieve fantastic results, such as a child attending our school and also working with an English Nanny or Governess at home.

Our attitude is to be the very best at what we do, and we expect the same from you. As you can see we provide support in many areas, and enjoy working with true professionals who are serious about their job and who we can be proud to represent.

If you would like to ask us any questions, please do give us a call.

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