Bonne international is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to work as a Nanny or Governess in Moscow. I have done two contracts through the agency and they have been consistently friendly, helpful and professional. They really do go above and beyond to help you settle in and even arrange social events and send information about social activities available in Moscow. If you want to work in Russia, they are the best agency to work through.

— Monica, SA, in Moscow 2 years.

I am very happy with my experience with Bonne International, after being recommended to me I applied and was contacted the very next day. All the girls in the office are lovely and very helpful. The interview process is very thorough which ensured me they would find me the right family. The family I am with a lovely and the job is exactly what I asked for. Bonne International were very helpful and supportive every step of the way with my move over, trial days and first few months. Now I am very happy and settled with my new job, Moscow is a great city to live in and I have lots of friends there. My jobs also takes me traveling to lots of fabulous places with great experiences.

— Laura, UK, in Moscow 6 months.

“Thank you” just does not seem adequate enough for all you lovely ladies at Bonne International. You helped me find a great family here in Russia. Looking back to when I first contacted you on advice on how to find the right family, the perfect blend of professionalism and kindness made the thought of Russian a lot less daunting than I originally thought. As I sit in my cosy little flat on the outskirts of Moscow, about to enjoy my 4 days off, I have time to do all the things that I never had time to do in my previous nanny positions. I am so grateful for you helping me every step of the way and finding me the right family. I recommend Bonne International not just because the staff are lovely and I have a fabulous job but because their standard of moral work ethics are set at a very high standard and I personally have not found that in any other Nanny agency.

— Erica, UK.

With sincerest gratitude I acknowledge Bonne International for providing me with constant support throughout this term. The aid and services of the agency greatly helped with the transition of settling into a new position and a foreign country.

— Kimberly, USA.

I haven’t come across an agency better than yours.

— Anne, UK.

I have found the agency’s protocol and procedure for allocating me a successful position as a governess, a sound investment. They maintain a high standard of communication, with a strong support mechanism in place should I require it. Networking with other professionals was extremely beneficial.

— Michelle, UK.

Becoming an international tutor can be a very stressful process to say the least. However, with all of the support I received from Bonne International, I feel very confident about this up coming school year. Thank You!

— Kevin, CAN.

My experience with Bonne has thus far been terrific. The Moscow office is staffed with friendly, bilingual young women who are happy to help you out no matter how many times you knock on their door (or e-mail) with a new question. The family they placed me with is a wonderful match; the parents are quite nice and the kids and I share a lot of the same interests (swimming, cycling, crafting and making sushi to name a few). As for accommodation, I can say having worked for Bonne and their sister company English Nursery School (ENS) that the housing provided is likely the best you’ll find in Russia (and I’ve lived in cities all over the country). Not only are the apartments nice by Western standards, in my experience they’ve got more amenities than most too. Maybe it’s because I grew up in an old house, but I’m certainly not accustomed to having heated kitchen floors and heated towel racks. Throw in an amazing salary, a lot of paid vacation time and free meals while on duty and it’s going to be an unpleasant shock when it comes time to return home.

— Elizabeth, USA-CAN.

I have been very impressed with Bonne from the very start. They have been very friendly and helpful through the whole process. From the first application and interviews, to helping me settle into a new life in Russia, they have made it just so easy. I look forward to working with them in the years to come!

— Chontelle, AUS-Italy.

I came across Bonne International whilst searching the internet for Nanny and Governor agencies. As I had recently decided on Russia as a location, Bonne’s experience of more than 10 years and sole focus on the Russian market was appealing. The process was professional, nurturing and pitch perfect as I moved from an online personality test through the stages to my final placement with a family. The whole team are incredibly dedicated and, unlike other recruitment consultancies I have worked with, focus on the candidate as much as the client. A truly refreshing approach in today’s job market. The time differences and long distance (I was based in London) could have made for some difficulties in communication, but the team were contactable night and day, it seemed, particularly as we entered into the business end of the placement. This meant that, for example, I could give and receive feedback after a Skype interview instantly whether late at night or at a weekend. As a result, I achieved my aim first time around and I am now very happily placed with a lovely family. Thank you Bonne for all your hard work.

— Nick, UK.

In July 2011 I decided it was time to put my long planned ambition to teach abroad into action. I joined a number of agencies in the UK looking for both Governess and general teaching roles in Russia and other countries. Most of the agencies were based solely in London and so the fact that Bonne International was based in Moscow reassured me of their knowledge and experience. The interview process was much more thorough than some other agencies which again reassured me of their professionalism. I eventually decided to take a general teaching role and after packing up my flat in London very quickly I moved to Moscow. Speaking no Russian whatsoever this was an exciting yet potentially daunting and scary experience. However I found the the support from the agency invaluable. After being picked up from the airport I was constantly looked after by people who spoke Russian and English and always informed of my schedule. The staff have been extremely friendly and helpful every step of the way and after 4 weeks here I feel settled in my accommodation and job and excited to be in a new country for the next year with so much to explore and discover.

— Rebecca, UK.

I had already been in Moscow for a year before I joined Bonne. I went to their office and found all the staff very professional, and ever so friendly and helpful. They quickly found me a new governess job, and have supported me in all the changes that starting a new position entails. They are efficient in everything, and I know that I can always pick up the phone and chat to someone for advice, pop into the office, or send a quick email. Thank you everyone at Bonne!

— Catrin, UK.

Bonne International are an excellent agency. They are helpful and friendly and really professional. It has been a pleasure conversing with all the girls in the office and I thoroughly recommend Bonne International! They really look after you and make sure you are placed in a family that suits you. They really do care about their families and employers. Thanks Bonne!

— Kirsty, UK.

I can highly recommend Bonne international to any governess or nanny who is looking for a little adventure and a change of culture. The individual, friendly and ongoing service I have received by all the staff at Bonne International has far surpassed that of any UK agency I have used during my fifteen years working with children. Bonne International has supported me every step of the way; from the honest and detailed descriptions of positions, the faultless arrangements for interview and placement, meticulous guidance with visas and other documentation and finally the minutiae of settling into Moscow life.

— Rebecca, UK.

If you are looking for a fantastic position abroad and would like to experience friendly and helpful service with a truly personal touch, then you should definitely contact Bonne Int. I can definitely recommend them as an agency. They are also based in Moscow which means they are on hand to answer any questions you may have before leaving and on arrival.

— Monica, SA.

I came to Russia through the pairing of my nanny agency in the UK and Bonne nearly two years ago. From the outset they have overseen the complicated details of working in this fascinating country and have always been there for back-up when I have had any concerns or queries. I thought I would come for a year and then probably go home, but Bonne found me a post with such a great family that I am still here enjoying it nearly two years later. My experience with Bonne has been a positive one.

— Xavia, UK.