"We take care of you, so you can take care of them"

Bonne International is an English Nanny and Governess Agency with 15 years experience in placing childcare and teaching professionals with high profile families in Russia.

Our dedicated staff both in the London and Moscow offices mean we are there for you every step of the way. We provide 24 hour emergency assistance, Post Placement and Psychological Support locally and all our staff speaks both English and Russian. We make sure that your placement with us is safe, exciting and worry free!


Living in Moscow

Moscow is fast becoming a popular destination for expats in many industries and becoming a favourite among childcare professionals. A city that combines old and new in its own unique way, moving away from its Communist past to a first-class future.

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Piggy bank

High Salary Positions

Los Angeles may be the City of Angels, but Moscow is the City of Millionaires. Packages include a high salary, accommodation, visa and flight expenses giving you a chance to not only have a great job but see the world and save up to 80% of your paycheck!

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Raising Bilingual Children

We are not only an Agency with a permanent presence in Moscow and London providing a top quality service dedicated to Russia, but focus on bilingual development rather than simple Nannying. Bonne International founded our own 6 English Nursery Schools in Moscow and is at the core of a group of organizations specializing on children’s bilingual development. We understand more than anyone that children under 5 have a unique language learning capacity that if used to its full potential can result in a bilingual or even trilingual child within a few years. Russian parents know full well that now that the world is turning into a global village, their children will need to communicate with the international community. They also recognize the fact that most bilingual children have a higher IQ than monolingual children. To be successful in business, politics, academia, one has to speak languages and understand the Western mentality, culture and even humour. Being fully bilingual in English means a great advantage in all areas, and our families feel confident that we will help achieve the best results when they ask us to look after their children’s bilingual development and upbringing.

Russian tradition of foreign Governesses

We are seeing a revival of the old trend that had existed in Russia for centuries before the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. Russian aristocracy have always preferred to hire foreign Governesses and private tutors to educate their children and make them proficient in languages - be it English, French or German. The prestigious foreign Governess would teach her charge manners, etiquette, a love for language, the arts, history and other non-academic interests such as sport and music as well as care for their general intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. Famous Russian writers such as Pushkin, Lermontov and Tolstoy and even the last Russian Tsar Nikolay II all had foreign private tutors. Looking at these examples parents understand what a great influence a foreign Governess can bring to their child, teaching them how to be creative, imaginative, responsible, disciplined yet full of initiative; they teach problem solving and manage to deliver everything in a form that is fun and engaging for the young learner.